‘LATTERIA BIZ’ – DAIRY Cheese ageing

The dairy offers only high quality, recognized cheeses with ascertained origins, responding to market demands and the needs of a consumer who focuses on flavor and genuineness, without being willing compromise on a product’s organoleptic characteristics and food safety. The Biz Giampietro company ages its cheeses according to family traditions. Our most widespread cheeses include ASMONTE, MONTASIO DOP, PASTI VECCHIO, Latteria S. Andrea and the "drunk cheese". The ageing process occurs in the company’s Chiarano facilities (TV) which also hosts a wholesale and retail sales point for its cheeses.

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        Cheese descriptions
This cheese is better known in the dialect of Treviso as ‘Formaggio Imbriago’ (drunken cheese) and it is produced by immersing the mold in marcs.
Made with whole cow milk, it has a semi-cooked paste treated with red grape marcs.