‘LATTERIA BIZ’ – DAIRY Cheese ageing

The dairy offers only high quality, recognized cheeses with ascertained origins, responding to market demands and the needs of a consumer who focuses on flavor and genuineness, without being willing compromise on a product’s organoleptic characteristics and food safety. The Biz Giampietro company ages its cheeses according to family traditions. Our most widespread cheeses include ASMONTE, MONTASIO DOP, PASTI VECCHIO, Latteria S. Andrea and the "drunk cheese". The ageing process occurs in the company’s Chiarano facilities (TV) which also hosts a wholesale and retail sales point for its cheeses.

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The cheese ageing process

Our cheeses (Montasio, Latteria S. Andrea, Piave Cheese, Pasti Vecchio cheese and Asmonte) are aged on location in warm, dry rooms at the Latteria Biz dairy in Chiarano (Treviso). Aging occurs in the same rooms where the dairy’s business began at the beginning of the last century. Located on the ground flood, the ageing rooms have a precise height; the structure is partially shaded by trees throughout the entire day. Over time, the family has worked to enlarge the rooms, making improvements including ventilation and modifications of the walls, plastering, ceilings and floors.

This environment, its air and the expert practical knowledge of those managing the ageing process give these cheeses their unique flavor. Our cheese is solely aged by hand, which makes it especially unique. The Latteria Biz is a family-run company and the cheese ageing processes we use today are the result of 80 years in the trade, including experiences that have been passed down over generations. These elements spotlight ageing times, temperature, air recycling, mold movement, visual, tactile and organoleptic inspection of the maturing cheeses.

Chiarano is located in the heart of the Veneto’s Padana plain, nearly 30 kilometers from the sea and from the pre-alps of Cansiglio, a villa-filled territory where Venetian nobles once came to spend the summer months. The area’s climate and its air make it a good place for ageing cooked paste cheeses, giving them increased flavor, and consistency as well as pronounced colors and spicy overtones.